4 definitions by MA$E

(1) Tearing an object
(2) A man or woman with an unusual amount of body muscle
(3) A term used in the music idustry
(1) "Oops, I ripped it."
(2) "damn that bitch is ripped!"
(3) "DJ, rip that shit! (the DJ ripped the shit(meaning beat))"
by MA$E September 20, 2003
an embrace, how girls and guys greet in a social situation
"i'm into gettin head i aint into makin love
nah i dont wanna hug look i just wanna cut"
by ma$e December 05, 2003
the room where very-important-persons gather, an exlusive part of a club.
"you see vip- me kelly gotti and hov, drinkin cris like it's h20..."
by ma$e December 04, 2003
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