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A boring, cultureless rust belt city in northern Illinois. The past 20 years have not been kind to Rockford and it is now a genuinely dangerous and depressing place to live. Anyone with enough education/common sense leaves as soon as possible.

The taxes, crime rate, unemployment and school system are some of the worst in the country. You have to be careful just driving around since the roads are so poorly maintained you can actually damage your car on a Baghdad-quality pothole.

If you’re an uneducated, unemployed sex-offender with a substance abuse problem who has given up on life then Rockford is the place for you!
Guy 1: "I want to live in a shithole with a church every 10 feet for some reason."

Guy 2: "Rockford IL is the place for you my man."
by M978y4f October 05, 2012
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