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The throbbing headache and complete exhaustion that results from fighting the VILE COLLECTION OF GLITCHES KNOWN AS WINDOWS.
Dude: Six Advil did not dent my MS Headache!
Dudette: You need a big bite of the Apple!
by M79 May 12, 2011
Text Zombie
A gadget slave who walks around, head down oblivious to their surroundings. Their world is reduced to a small video screen. They are controlled by their web of fellow tombies.
Formerly they were human. Now they are pathetic and useless.
Dude: Wow! I made $900 last night!
Dudette: What? How?
Dude: Easy. I went down to Westwood about 11pm. I spied
a blinged out hipster tombie. Walked up to him and punched him right in the face. He was out like a light. Took his gadgets and money. He never saw a thing.
Dudette: Tombies are such worthless sheep.
by M79 September 17, 2012
Noun: A left-wing, non-thinking, knee-jerk beleiver in junk science and tired Socialist paradigms. (Derived from former vice-president Al Gore)
Adjective: Pertaining to a flawed leftist belief based in junk science, socialist rhetoric, or Hollywood cocktail blather.
Noun: The Algoreans have gained control of the government and will institute failed socialist policies.
Adjective: In a display of algorean hypocrisy, headliner Cheryl Crow flew in a chartered jet to the environmental awareness concert sponsored by the DNC.
by M79 January 16, 2009
Ridiculous energy saving strategies to reduce the carbon footprint.
The company I work for is really algorean green. They installed a $39 motion detector to control a $3.90 light bulb that will use 39 cents worth of electricity in 39 years.
by M79 December 04, 2010
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