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4 definitions by M1ndy

Contains all you would ever want to do. buy the book and change your life. it will change it adventually so you might as well
the diary of gods - no the catholic one
by M1ndy February 13, 2005
originated from a lithuanian teacher

accent is russian
"oi shuse me "


"shuse me tom"
by M1ndy February 13, 2005
greating on the borat television programme originaly created in england by sacha baron cohen (ali g). gennerally said in a russian/blatic/kasikstani accent
*walks up to some one* hello to you
by M1ndy February 13, 2005
Catholics are a annoyance to the world and casue many wars.

Catholic school girls on the other hand are very nymphoic and can prove to be lots of fun.

Catholic priests are genneraly gay and hide it by having a fammily
catholic girls + boys/men + bed = fun night
by M1ndy February 13, 2005