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The same as updog, but for if your a girl, dont want to be called a dog (or dawg), or are looking to be called sexy. Also for boredom, entertainment, or to point and laugh at anyone who doesnt get it.
Girl: wow there is really so much upsexy in here
*boy playing xbox and not paying attention*
Girl: OMG theres upsexy getting all over your xbox!!
Boy*frantic*: huh? where? whats upsexy?
Girl: not much. how about you?
by m1dn1ghtday December 13, 2011
When it's barely snowing. Akin to the drizzle, but for snow.
Person 1: "do you think school will be canceled later because of the snow?"
Person 2: "nah it's barely a snizzle, I think we'd be lucky to get even an inch of snow"
by m1dn1ghtday March 01, 2015
to beat or smack someone into next week. usually the term for an insanely hard punch, or beating someone up with ridiculous amounts of force. to hit someone so hard you knock their brains around their head similar to "fluffing" pancakes.
"Keep talkin that shit about my momma and imma fluff the shit outta you sonn "
"Girl you better bring them grades up or im gonna fluff your pancakes, say I wont"
by m1dn1ghtday February 28, 2015

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