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a great musician, song writer, and a brilliant producer, other than being pure sex incarnate.
he has such pretty thoughts.
by M.star June 05, 2004
1. something appearing strong or fierce, but in reality being all show and no substance, weak, nothing to be feared.

2. an art book publishing company.
1. most bullies and politicians fall into this category.

2. Paper Tiger brings us such awesome artists as Rodney Matthews.
by M.star June 05, 2004
The most awesome and bizarre western movie ever, directed by Mel Broooks, 1974.
Gene Wilder to Clansmen: "Oh boys! Looky what I got here!"
Cleavon Little: "Hey, where are the white women at?"
by M.star September 05, 2004
oversensitivity about words, and confusion over the use of language. being unable to understand the concept of context. bothe liberals and conservatives are just as guilty: liberals come up with retarded, complicated terms for minorities (calling a person African-American who's never been to Africa and doesn't know the culture), while if you mention the downsides and and hypocrisies of a religion or its followers, conservatives will never cease riding your ass. cons also tend to get sore about four letter words (fuck, shit) that only substitute subtler terms.
I am black, and don't see how that term is offensive.

how is a little four letter word like "fuck" going to hurt anyone?
by M.star November 13, 2004

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