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1. When receiving an unwanted telephone call, the phrase is used preemptively to remind the caller that they are paying for the call, in an attempt to have he or she reconsider the importance of placing this call.
(synonym: you're paying for this, you know)

2. Appended to an opinion about a purchase decision
(synonym: whatever you do with your money is fine by me)

3. An indication that one will not be paying for anything.
(synonym: you're picking up the tab)

4. Signifies ownership of loose change.
(synonym: that dime is yours)

5. Signifies that a decision is not up to you. Originated from decisions made in vehicles, where the longer idled, the more gas used, and thus the more money spent.
(synonym: it's not my decision to make)
1. "Speak up, it's your dime."

2. "Which Gucci handbag should I get?"
"I don't care, it's your dime."

3. "One beer, and... what'll you have?"
"Doesn't matter to me, it's your dime for it all."

4. "Look, I found a coin!"
"It's your dime."

5. "Should we go to Babbages or GameStop?"
"Dunno, it's your dime."
by M.Duszynski April 26, 2007

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