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3 definitions by M. M. Cooper

A dyed-in-the-wool resident of the coastal city of Santa Barbara in Southern California.
The Santa Barbarians are a peculiar lot: they like the environment but don't get between them and their SUV's and pick-ups.
by M. M. Cooper October 16, 2007
A grouping of available sex-seeking females. Gaggle means grouping, jellyfish refers to a certain part of the female anatomy that is soft, squishy, sometimes hairy, sometimes stinging.
Impossible not to get laid tonight; there's a gaggle of jellyfish at the bar.
by M. M. Cooper October 16, 2007
One or more favorably endowed Norwegian beauties.
"What are we having for dinner tonight?" "I know what I'm having: Norwegian Nipple Stew."
by M. M. Cooper October 16, 2007