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1. A sound word (onomatopoeia). Typically made by someone when they are irrationally excited and cannot think of any other sound to make. Typically expectorated spontaneously and without warning.

2. Another way to say "look".
1. "We won!"
"Dude, that's not how you say/type it."

2. "Dude, whook over there"
by M. Geib April 26, 2008
verb - taking a sip of any Schwepppes product, typically used when giddy.
"Dude, gimme a schwip of that ginger ale!"
by M. Geib April 26, 2008
Adj: used to describe something or someone which/who could only be described as cool, awesome, or otherwise incredible in every way.
"That dude is swag."

"How was the movie?"
"Pretty swag."
by M. Geib April 23, 2008

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