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Pronounced, fo' lar oid

Is a photo framed using the same dimensions as the Polaroid format.

A photo framed to look like an old Polaroid.
That is a very well done Fauxlaroid.

first said by Toadsmoothy2
by M Haanel December 02, 2006
Life-size cutouts of deployed service members, and given by the Maine National Guard to spouses, children, and relatives back home.
Flat Daddy sits in my dining room all the time.
by M Haanel September 28, 2006
The history of the story. How the story became news. The rest of the story.
I've heard this used on CNN a couple of times. "Back story" is used when talking about a breaking news story, when the rest of the story isn't clear. "What is the back-story on the train crash?" Meaning how many were on the train. When did it leave, and how fast was it going?
by M Haanel September 22, 2006
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