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No, No, No! You're all wrong. A Lincoln Log is when you drop a loaf that's so big and solid that it by itself (without any t.p.) can plug the toilet. if the toilet doesnt plug then it's not a Lincoln Log. Officially it has to be one of those high pressure flushing public bathroom toilets for it to be a real Lincoln Log. You know, those toilets that flush with the sound of a jet taking off. Ever since my good friend Big Head Ed introduced eating regular fiber in his diet nobody has been able to create real Lincoln Logs, so out of traditional honour the standard has dropped to any type of toilet. And please people, lets capitalize the words Lincoln Log. Show some respect for its glory!
Mike: "AH! Yuck, somebody passed a smelly ol' Lincoln Log in this public washroom!"
Albert: "I kind of like that smell"
Other person in the washroom: "That's gross!"
by M Dogg March 25, 2005
What one says while they are running towards the bathroom. Usually when the turtle is poking its head out and they are very close to having an accident in their pants.
*At the Office*
Don: Yah Bruce this weekend I took the family to-"
Tommy: "I GOTTA TAKE A SHIIIIIIIIIIT" (as he runs past the water cooler down the hallway to the bathrooms)
Don: "-to, ah, man.... i hope that Tommy gets to the bathroom in time."
by M Dogg May 27, 2005
Bill O'Reilly and many other ignorant news people are the real terrorists. Honestly, what brings more anxiety and "terror" to your day to day life? A few thousand Americans murdered by scum bag extremists? Or the people that remind you that you could be next, every day of your life. They try to scare you into beleaving that civilization is about to end because 2 men want to get married? Or because some lame school stopped singing christmas songs. Who cares? Apparently Bill O'Reilly does.
After a weekend binge of I.V. drug use and random sex with unhealthy smelling hookers, I contracted every disease known to man. Meh, it could be worse, I could be Bill O'Reilly. ROFLMAO @ Bill O'Reilly.
by M Dogg August 16, 2006
How most people say "Did You Call Me?"
Slow the fuck down when you talk and you won't sound like such a German!
Kevin: "Jew call me last night?"
Corey: "Please slow down when you talk Kevin. You just said the word jew."
by M Dogg March 25, 2005
What you do to get the mean green so you can put dubz on your whip. Its your job, not your career.
Todd: "I saw you cleaning poop off the shitter in the shopping mall bathrooms."
Tyrone: "Yah, S' what I do for a livin' nigga!"
Todd: "LOLOLOLOLOLOL............ by the way I like your new rims."
by M Dogg March 25, 2005
HTTP= Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.(information between servers and browsers)
ASSAULT= A violent attack.

Ambushing someone on MSN messenger by sending them a URL link and suggesting that it is something they will want to view. However it is actually something abominabley repulsive, leaving them in complete bewilderment and disappointment.

Todd: Sup Barney, check out this pic of the hottie that Josh is bang'n.... www.lemonparty.org

Barney: Sweet, I gotta see this!!!

***TWO Minutes Later***

Barney: Fuck you man, I didnt wanna see that shit, you asshole, that was nasty! I was 1/2 way thru eating this big tub of cottage cheese too, and now i lost my appetite! You fag!

Todd: pwn3d :) :) :)
by M Dogg August 16, 2006
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