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means,having sex in a cab
" Those 2 just got done having cabbie sex while we were drinking"
by j0son June 19, 2005
When 2 or more Cab Drivers pull up next to eachother in a parking lot. This event usually takes place at night or early morning. They pull up beside eachother in opposate directions so they can talk. This is called Cabbie Sex. Remember when you were a little kid and youd see 2 dragon flys having sex? you would try to hit them or make them stop? this is the same for Cabbie Sex. your natural urge is to get it to stop.
Doug: Look, those 2 cabbies are having cabbie sex.
Mike: Lets throw this left over chinese food at their cabs to break up the Cabbie Sex.
Mike: man, youre a noob, just say LOL.
Doug: sorry, LOL.
by M Dogg May 27, 2005

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