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1 definition by Lynx_User

A Rastafarian who is white. It is possible for a white person to be a Rasta, for we are all children of Jah. Jah loves every human the same, even if Jesus was probably black (See black Jesus for info).

White Rastas got a bad name because of angsty white kids who are obsessed with the whole Marley family. A person of this kind either is or wants to be a total stoner, which goes against the morals of Rastafari. To the Rastas, Ganja is a sacrament and shouldn't be used just to be 'stoned'. They usually know nothing about the Rastas or Selassie and instead worship something undivine, such as Bob Marley or their sack of herb. If you know someone of this kind, you can find a definition for him/her here: wigger.

White Rasta:
-May or may not have dreads.
-Might smoke the herb, but peacefully, not stupidly.
-Obviously knows about Rastafari and who Selassie is.
-Calm, layed back, being himself or herself.
-Serves Jah.

Wannabe-White Rasta:
-Probably has half-ass, greasy dreads, or cornrolls if they're stupid enough.
-Is either obsessed with weed and too scared to do it or already a total stoner.
-Knows little, if anything about Rastafari and likely has no religion or a fake Bob Marley-worshipping one.
-Really spazzy and always has to make sure they're acting as black as the black people around them.
-Serves whoever accepts them as being almost black.
-Seems to make their life mission to piss off their parents and other Christians, blindly thinking that Rastas don't have anything to do with Christianity.
-Likely has no black friends whatsoever.
by Lynx_User June 16, 2006
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