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1 definition by LynneTheKoala

The much too stereotyped way of style. Many like to call "scene kids" rude and arrogant, but scene is simply a matter of clothing style and whatever you wear doesn't make you whatever the hell you are.

Scene style often consists of bright colors, funky & unique wardrobe (it honestly doesn't matter what the hell you think of the STEREOTYPED scene kid, their style is unique no matter what you think about "them"), vintage/band tees, and for the girls' scene style, Hello Kitty and other cute things like that.

Scene kids are douchebags.
Stop stereotyping them; you probably have never even met a scene kid and got this from some person on the internet.
"I love the scene style with all the colors and unique wardrobe!"
by LynneTheKoala June 30, 2009