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The 'Toban'(or 'Toban, 'toban): is a word to describe people from the Canadian province of Manitoba. First popularised in North West Ontario (Mainly Kenora and surrounding areas), it has spread around Canada to describe anyone from Manitoba. “Toban”, usually seen as a inflammatory or insulting remark, is widely used to discuss the negative connotations that many people from Manitoba bring with them. Refer to examples.
While driving "That fucker just cut me off! Stupid tobans!"

While at Haps Person A: "How come I don't recongnise anyone here?"
Person B: "Thats because everyone here is a fucking 'Toban"

While looking at the subpar construction of your new cottage renovation "Those fucking tobans forgot to install exit channels in my pipes! I hate those stupid tobans!"

Seeing anyone drunk, mostly in Kenora, but appiciable anywhere "That guy must be a 'toban"

Witnessing a marine accident on Lake of the Woods "Must be drunk 'tobans again!"

At the rare chance you see a "Friendly Manitoba" license plate anywhere out of the '807' "What the fuck?! Why is there a toban in front of me!?"

While throwing a snowball "Take that, 'Toban!"

When your friend drinks the last beer "Dude, why are you such a 'toban?"

When your girlfriend/boyfriend breaks up with you "Damn girl, why you such a 'toban?"
by Lyndonroyce January 31, 2007

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