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1 definition by LyndaS

Gypsy - The mean and scary tarot card reader who freaked out on me.
I was getting a reading because I was upset that my daughter had been abused. She asked me who did it and I told her the detective referred to the people as Gypsies only they're from Iran. She told me that there are no Gypsies in Iran. I let her know that I was just answering her question. She stood up and refused to read for me and said, "I can't believe I'm hearing this in this day and age. I'm a Gypsy and it's not a culture it's a race! Get out!" Serves me right for going to a Tarot card reader. So to me, the only gypsy I ever met is an angry, scary person with a quick temper who jumps to conclusions. She told me "all white people own slaves!"
by LyndaS September 23, 2006