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Another word for marijuana, pot, cannabis, weed, etc.

Something to smoke that makes me smile.
'At 4-2-0 everybody's burnin' ganja....'
by LynZ Malakian May 07, 2004
One of the members of the Kottonmouth Kings. An awesome guy.
"24/7 Everyday every minute ,
Everybody, every stoner, grab your bud keep composer ,
beer drinkers, pill poppers, acid heads and freaks,
All the creatures in the street Heroin addicts and geeks,
Kottonmouth kings signed a one way contract ,
To see the world and smoke the killa chronic ,
D-LOC said it, so don't you forget it
it's 4-4-2-0"
by LynZ Malakian May 07, 2004
The masked 'Visual Assassin' of the Kottonmouth Kings. H doesn't talk but holds up signs, smokes weed, fucks groupies and dances.

See also KMK or Kottonmouth Kings
The guy in any of the KMK videos that's wearing a white mask. Lovely guy.
by LynZ Malakian May 07, 2004
1. A term used for music when played at a high volume.

2. A complimentary adjective.
"Yo dude that new stereo system of yours is bumpin'!"
by LynZ Malakian May 07, 2004
A very versatile word, usable in almost every sentence known to man. Used most often by wiggers who say it to over-compensate for their racial inadequancy. Like Joel Madden. Or me.
'Yo dude, what's up, yo? Where's my bag of Reese's Pieces, yo? Yo yo yo.'
by LynZ Malakian May 07, 2004
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