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An overused term that used to apply to members of ROCK. BANDS. These Rock Bands were notorious for creating music that reflected both timely and timeless issues that stretched across generations without any gimmicks or autotune.

The term "Rockstar" is now overused, undervalued, and thrown across the spectrum of crap music (ie: Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Amy Lee, Rappers, etc) in attempts to lure a wider audience into thinking they're "hardcore", when in reality it annoys actual Rock music listeners to no end.

The term Rockstar is not about how often you shop at Hot Topic.
"Man, Rihanna's a Rockstar ! Just look at how many spiked studs she can fit into that outfit while pretending to play drums! And she's hanging with Slash, so she must be legit!"

"No, sheeptard, she's not."
by Lychi June 26, 2010

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