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Born of alcohol, The Dark Knight, marriage and sexual frustration, and of course a dash of inspirational pr0n. Perhaps not in that exact order, but each one playing an equal part in the creation and execution of...

bThe Harvey Dent: /bWhen a man finds his wife or girlfriend asleep, then taking great caution not to wake her, he quietly positions himself close enough to her face that he can easily ejaculate on half of it while simultaneously screaming iRACHEL!!!/I as loudly as he can, over and over again, until his seed is completely spent.

Warning: The aftermath of a successful Harvey Dent can be a little bit awkward at best and a total disaster at worst, but when done correctly is epic wtfpwnage regardless. Have an exit strategy. Good luck and God Speed....
Some guy -iMy wife said she had a headache and was too tired to have sex last night. Not wanting to inconvenience her, I decided to wait until later that night and settle for The Harvey Dent instead./i

Charlie Sheen - iWINNING! DUH!/I
by Luvdoctr April 08, 2011

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