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An old American political party. It died away in the late 1800s, and was replaced by the Republican Party.
Student: Was Bill Clinton a Wigger?
Teacher: No, he was a Democrat.
by Luther Willhoutte February 23, 2008
Most commonly, when a man puts his penis (also known as: dick, hard-on, wood, stickle, sperm injector, weiner, fuckly stick, floppaloppagiss) in a vagina (also known as: va-JJ, donut hole, ovary exit, baby gun, humplestiltzskin). Recently, some gay men have put their penises/dicks/hard-ons/wood/ stickles/sperm injectors/weiners/fuckly sticks/floppaloppagisses in other gay men's butts (also known as: asses, poop holes, brownie makers). Lesbians (gay women) have sex, too, but it is unknown how. The best guess by scientists is that they stick their big toes in to the others vagina/va-JJ/donut hole/ovary exit/baby gun/humplestiltzskin.
Man: Want to have sex?
Woman: Sure dear.
Man: Let me stick my penis/dick/hard-on/wood/ stickle/sperm injector/weiner/fuckly stick/floppaloppagiss in your vagina/va-JJ/donut hole/ovary exit/baby gun/humplestiltzskin.
Woman: Ugh, ugh, ugh, UGH!

Man 1: Wanna have shex?
Man 2: Sure hotstuff.
Man 1: Let me stick my penis/dick/hard-on/wood/stickle/sperm injector/weiner/fuckly stick/floppaloppagiss in your butt/ass/poop hole/brownie maker.
Man 2: Eeh, eeh, eeh, EEH!

Woman 1: Want to haf the sex making?
Woman 2: Sure carpenter.
Woman 1: Let me stick my big toe in your vagina/va-JJ/donut hole/ovary exit/baby gun/humplestiltzskin.
Woman 2: Ruff, ruff, ruff, RUFF!
by Luther Willhoutte February 23, 2008
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