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1. A great sexual performer usually a woman. Does anything anywhere and with pleasure.

2. A female pornstar with exceptional willingness to handle any sexual task put before her.

3. Can also refer to a woman or man of low moral standards when it comes to sex. They will fuck anyone anywhere with or without reason to do so.
1. Man, that samantha gave me the night of my life last night, what a fuck machine.

2. Sophie Evans is one hell of a fuck machine, she got fucked by 3 guys and took sperm on her face with a smile with a smile.

3. Carmen is such a fuck machine, she had sex with eric in the street for a nickel.
by Lunch box July 18, 2004
Someon or something that is cummed on by another.
Jill Johnson is such a beach towel, she loves getting spermed on(or at least thats the word on the street).

John uses his bedroom walls as beach towels.
by Lunch Box January 18, 2005
Someone who continuously tries to screw you over while playing video games.
I won't play with Smash Brothers with Dave Murdoch anymore, he's being a cheese dick.
by Lunch Box January 30, 2005
a game that NYA will own everyone in
aint that about a bitch?!?!?!?!?
by lunch box January 21, 2004

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