2 definitions by LunarlightChronicles

1) The worst possible thing to say during sexual intercourse or any other intimate situation.

2) The best possible thing to say when maliciously scattering your dead elder's body parts at three in the afternoon in a children's playground.
1) Self explanitory; vivid, vomit inducing visual.

2) Self explanitory; vivid, necrophilia inducing visual.

"Happy birthday, Grandma!"
by LunarlightChronicles February 15, 2008
Psyduck: The Retard Pokémon.

PokéDex: While Psyduck's main interest seems to be annoying the hell out of the sane, it also shows incredible disinterest in learning new things such as how to swim.

Other Interests: "Sigh"ing, having less intelligence than a pickle, staring contests, becoming a pickle, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder towards tilting its head, ferociously attacking pickles, etc.
Psyduck is the number one enemy of dill pickles. Beware, my shrivelly friends. Beware.
by LunarlightChronicles February 15, 2008

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