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Hermaphrodations is the ghetto slang term for internal bleeding.
-Rashondala "Hey Shananay, you wanna come over and drink some bleach later?"

-Shananay "No, bleach makes me have hermaphrodations."
by Luna Navaih May 21, 2010
Big Top Pee-wee was Pee-wee Herman's second movie. It came out in 1988. However, it was unsuccessful. They spent more money making it than it earned. The movie is known for Pee-wee and Gina's 3 minute long kiss. He also lost his virginity to Gina in this movie. It upset thousands of people.
John- "Hey did you see Big Top Pee-wee?"

Bob- "No."

John- "You should. Pee-wee fucked that sexy Italian chick."

Bob- "Dude really?!"

John- "Yeah, it was hot."
by Luna Navaih May 21, 2010
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