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The most awesome sci-fi saga ever created, about an evil emperor who kills everyone but jarjar.
JarJar Binks must die!!!!
by Lumpkin June 24, 2005
ahhhhhhh...a food group.
Mom: Jimmy, would you like some french toast?
Jimmy: I'll eat it if it has ketchup on it!
by Lumpkin June 24, 2005
An overdone tourist-trap of a holiday. Mardi Gras merchandise is sold all year round in N'awlans. Makes me sick.
Lets go buy Mardi Gras beads in June!!!
by Lumpkin June 24, 2005
A depressed genius. Look out john steinback!
Lemony Snicket will rule the world whether you like it or not!
by Lumpkin June 24, 2005
Despite what some may say, Neopets is the best ever virtual pets website invented. You get to pie clowns, rip people off, and starve overly-cute fuzzy little surreal freaks to death! What better way to spend a Saturday?
See you in Meridell!
by Lumpkin June 24, 2005

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