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Cave trolling is the act of making love a pregnant woman so hard that it causes the unborn fetus to grab your dick. This could be a bonus attribute to good Oklahoma Threesome session.
I was out cave trolling last night and got my unborn child to grab my dick while fucking my pregnant wife.
by Lumberjackass June 27, 2012
An Oklahoma threesome is in reference to the legal allowance by Oklahoma for first cousins to marry and procreate. However, this sex move has a couple requirements. First of all it involves having sex with a pregnant woman. Second, this woman must be either related to you, or your wife. Thereby, having sex with this woman you are also involving a third member of your blood family in a sexual exploit of yours. Thus, you are engaging in incest with not only one, but two members of your family.
I done got my ma's sister's daughter knocked up a few months back, but she reckons she wanted twins. So I told her a quick Oklahoma Threesome should do the trick and we'll jus' get another lit'l bugger up 'n growing inside her right quick.
by Lumberjackass June 27, 2012
A hush puppy is a sex move often utilized in domiciles that house numerous people in close quarters. When taking a woman, or man I suppose, from behind (doggy style), one forces their partners head into the pillows to 'hush them up' if they are being too loud. This move can also offer some opportunities for erotic asphyxiation if you try to not only smother your lover's screams of ecstasy but also their ability to breath.
This morning when I was making love to my girlfriend doggy style, she was being too loud and I didn't want her to wake my room mates so I shoved her head into the pillows and gave her a hush puppy out of courtesy to others.
by Lumberjackass June 27, 2012

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