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When playing any sports game, chosing the black jerseys and a stadium where there is shadows, the person then hides in the shadows so that the players cannot be seen and then passes to the almost invisable player to score cheap goals.
Player 1: "GOAL!!!"

Player 2: "You cheating bastard! No one could even see him"

Player 1: "Thats racist and I have the same amout of players as you do"

Player 2: " You Shadow Lark to win you prick"
by Lulvul KY December 30, 2009
To consume large amounts of alcohol and become heavily intoxicated. To get wasted. Gucci Mane sings a song called "Wasted" were he sings about getting trashed
Friend 1: "Hey, do you want to come over for New Year's and party"

Friend 2: "Hell yeah, I'm going to get like Gucci Mane"

Friend 1: "Word"
by Lulvul KY December 30, 2009

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