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No words can describe how bad this music actually is. Listen to like the first minutes of Schizophrenia on youtube. If you still have your ears, you get a small cookie :).
Friend 1: Dude, i just listened to Schizophrenia by Brokencyde. IT IS AMAZING. *offers headphone

Friend 2: rly? *puts in headphone

Newscaster: Today, a child, age 15, hung himself from a tree limb on school premises. When we asked the last person to talk to him what could've caused this, he said: "I just forced him to listen to this Brokencyde song..." we understood immediately that Friend 1 was the murderer. Later today, he was convicted of 2nd degree murder. He was locked away for 30 years...
#terrible #electronica #fail #ear rape #screamo
by Luke261 October 31, 2009
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