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A large and complex nitted nest of curley hair; sometimes used to store food and items of a sentimental value. Also used as a refuge for small homeless animals.
"david attenborough: The vunrable bustard is seen burrowing into the warm waffro, here it can mate and bring fish to its kin during the winter months"
by Luke webb August 10, 2006
Someone who is very fond of sandwiches
"look at that warris, she can take a mouthful!"
by Luke webb August 10, 2006
A fanny blaster is an individual with the ability to blast their fanny; known to scientists as the phenomenon of ejactualating large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming considerably.

Also used metephorically to describe someone of a gasey nature, i.e talks a load of shite.
policeman: we have a situation here, can't breathe
emergency services: calm down, whats the assesement?
policeman: we've got us a fanny blaster!

"greg, you complete and utter fanny blaster"
by Luke webb August 10, 2006
A term widely used when travelling in most of europe. A way to greet german people when on holiday. The purpose is to belittle those forign, buy taking a vicious stab at there dark shameful history, in this i reffer to "shizer porn". Its not as bad as hitler... but its still pretty fuking bad.
you over there with the stupid holiday hat and novelty size sausage... uperziepooper! (said in a speradic fashion)
by Luke webb August 10, 2006

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