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Its another word for the classic cake thatwe all call a muffin. Its only just come to my knowledge but this word is only used by a select few.
Girl:Im hungry....
Guy: Have one of those *points*
Girl: Yeh ill have a MOFON!!
by Luke Harris February 12, 2007
it usally arrises in a situation, when a person belives they are so good at something e.g. football, games etc and they are basiclly up theirselves but only during the event.
(living room of a friends house after a night out)
steve: oh thats great play from that lad
troy: get off your own dick
nat/luke/chris/neil: hahahahaha
steve: now thats a good one
by Luke Harris August 18, 2006
Its is a term used to describe specifically girls aged 14-18, its is calling them ugly in an extremely comic fashion. But most of the time they dont understand what it meens.
Nat: Yeh that ginger girls a right Ugo
Chris: Ugo?
Ginger girl: whats that?
Chris: I dunno Nat said it.
Nat:errr...umm everyone with a fanny's gotto leave now
by Luke Harris August 07, 2006
A medical condition that means that you seek the love of a guitar rather than having sexual relations with a woman.
Dave: hey check out Tom... whats he doing to his guitar?
Ben : Never mind he's a total axeophiliac so don't worry.
by Luke Harris February 06, 2008
Simply Looking At eBay scanning for pointless things every time you are able to log into a computer for long enough
Sophie:"Mum! I want to use the computer!"
Dad: "Shush dear shes ebrawsing she'll be done later..."

*2 hours later*

Dad:"honey you need help"
by Luke Harris March 16, 2009
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