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3 definitions by Luke Ax

The school, "Wiregrass Ranch High school" Located in the Wesley Chapel, Florida area. Surprisingly, there isn't as many rednecks as you would think that attend.
Compared to Zephyrhills High, Wiregrass has almost no rednecks!
by Luke Ax August 20, 2009
32 9
Mof is a shorter and much cooler way of saying, "Mofo."
Example 1. That guy is crazy as a mof.

Example 2. It smells like a mof in here.
by Luke Ax August 14, 2009
31 12
Gettin em semi-soft is very similar to "gettin em hard." It means the same thing, but is only used when the situation is intense, but not that extreme.
Guy 1: Holy crap, that mof just shot him!

Guy 2: Gettin em semi-soft!
by Luke Ax August 14, 2009
3 1