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193 definitions by Luke

Play on the words "baja claws", a brand of off road tire. These are the tires mounted on a brodozer, the chosen ride of the desert bro. These tires are massive in size, and prestine in appearance, due to the fact that they never see off road conditions. They are often jet black, glazed in tire gloss, and unevenly worn due to bad toe in from cheap lift kit installations.
Check out the haha claws on that brodozer. Do you really need those just to get to the No Fear outlet?
by Luke August 02, 2004
"Festy" describes anything that is dirty and/or smelly. It is particularly used to describe people, but may be used to refer to objects or animals.
Eew! You smell festy!
That guy is so festy.
I'm not touching that festy bandage.
Don't let your festy dog into my house.
by Luke January 08, 2005
Expression of awe, excitement, fear, or sometimes all three at once.

Also, the textbook rejection to Luke Marshall asking a girl to the movies.

See also: Holy Freakin Muffins
No fucking way, sixty-foot waves on a nudist beach?
by Luke December 26, 2004
Good, Spectacular, Tops, Rockin'
"this gin is the shiznay!"
by luke October 18, 2001
Formed in Portland, Oregon, USA, Heatmiser are an alternative rock quartet comprising Neil Gust (guitar, vocals), Elliott Smith (vocals), Sam Coomes (bass) and Tony Lash (drums). Much of their early reputation hinged on the group's songwriting flair - Smith's more pop-orientated efforts contrasting nicely with the darker, melancholic detachment of Gust. These qualities were evident on the group's first two albums, Dead Air and Cop And Speeder, both released by Frontier Records.

However, for 1996's Mic City Sons, which was produced by Lash, the emphasis was on creating a more seamless, compulsive record. As Gust told the press: 'We made a conscious effort to do something more complete than what we've done in the past. We're rarely satisfied with anything we do, but since we essentially built our own studio as we went along, we were able to weed out a lot of the problems.' By this time Smith had released his third solo album for Kill City Records, building an audience almost as large as Heatmiser's.
Elliott Smith, Neil Gust, Tony Lash, Sam Coomes
by Luke January 11, 2005
As in Zulu time, GMT.
When the military plans an operation they plan it in Zulu time. Seeing as it might cross multiple time zones.
by Luke January 29, 2003
1. either your girl friend or woman you fuck for fun
2. or a milf, a mother i would love to fuck.
no, we're not goin out, shes just my fuck mama
by luke January 18, 2004