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Slang for Sugarhouse.

Sugar House is located within the Salt Lake City grid system roughly from about 500 East at its western edge to 2100 East at the east and 1300 South to 2700 South north to south.

But you are in sugarhood whenyou are participatin in ghetto things even though its a real nice area,

The use of sugarhood is also appropriate when a shady individual is from sugarhouse.
That party in sugarhood was off the chain. Mormon girls getting down.

I got baked last night over near sugarhood park.

You know Jake who lives by fiddle's Elbow? Homie reps sugarhood hard with all that grimy swagger.
#sugarhouse #slc #salt lake city #utah #mormon #hood
by Luke H Knudson November 21, 2011
a fun and clean way to say fucking hilarious that emphesizes just how hilarious it is.
Louis C.K. is hucking filarious.
#hucking fungry #nucking futs #rucking fetarted #mormon #arlington
by Luke H Knudson November 21, 2011
N. - A neighborhood that has a lot of jews.
I was gonna go visit tony on 7th, but I thought I would drop by max's kosher pad on 9th as long I was in the jewborhood.
#jew #neighborhood #slc #kosher #knudson
by Luke H Knudson November 21, 2011
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