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a practice which involves the use of a choco like substance in the act of sexual conduct
"i enjoy chocosex, its tasty and arousing"
by Lukas July 24, 2003
hair that surrounds that butthole.
stuff that dingle-berries get caught to
my choda is curly.
my choda is fifty feet long!
by Lukas April 10, 2004
a dialog:
a nizzles must nows what they sain
a foundation is in combination of words with snoop dogs rhymes, which bless our minds.
1:A shizzle my nizzle.
2:Have ya fuckin grazzle.
1:yeah nizzle it´s white whizzle.
1:And have a fuckin mozzles?
1:Gimi my mozzles or i send a revved up pizzuls onto your fuckin fazzul.
by Lukas March 13, 2003
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