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Buzzkill (n. or v.trans.)
1. Buzzkill, anything that takes the edge off your fluff, a downer, something that ruins your good mood; a killjoy.
2. (verb) to selectively and deliberately bring down someone's mood by actions that are designed to irritate, annoy or downright upset a person.
Lois had a particular skill as a mother. When any of her children came home, faces beaming, eyes aglow with a report of good behavior at school, having caught a large fish or having really righteously beaten up the nerdy kid next door, she'd have just the right buzzkill to bring them back to reality. Later in life, she wondered why the kids never called, but only infrequently--she was not of an introspective nature, by and large.
by Luigi the ORIGINAL December 28, 2005
1. Tinea cruris, or ringworm of the groin area. Tinea is a fungus or yeast-like organism that is normally found on skin but overgrows into an infection when there is a weakened state or unbalance. Tinea can also infect the feet (athlete's foot, tinea pedis), the body, or the scalp (ringworm, not a worm at all, given the name from the spreading of the infection that makes a sort of round ring-like red mark on the margins of the infected area.)

Jock itch was said by Bill Cosby to be "better than a good woman", referring to the utter relief found by uninterrupted scratching to relieve the nasty itch.

2. The yearning to be an athlete by a physically unremarkable nerdy kid.
Beauregard kept his wife Fanny up all night with his incessant scratching of his scrotum. Finally, tired of the bed shaking, she tossed him out with the hounds, saying if he wanted to scratch his privates, he could do it in company that appreciated such activities. Beauregard retorted that she was remarkably unsympathetic about his jock itch and reminded her how he was completely sensitive to her situation when she had a yeast infection. Beauregard is getting used to sleeping permanently in the dog house.
by Luigi the ORIGINAL December 29, 2005
The act of emitting noxious gases from one's anus. Also known as farting, blowing one, cutting the cheese, pull my finger, and specialized terms like sbd--silent but deadly and crop dusting, which is when one travels around a room or building, letting off small freeps and generally polluting the area. Flatulence is often accompanied by sports activities like fart flaming, and dutch oven, where one person farts and then shoves the other person's head under the covers. This reprehensible habit is cause for justifiable murder in Alabama. (see Alabama Barking Spider
Rudolph had a lifelong problem with flatulence; well, that isn't QUITE true, his family had the problem. He was blissfully unaware of the angry stares as he crop dusted the office as he strolled off to the water cooler, or his second wife's suit for divorce that included dutch over as grounds of cruelty. It wasn't until he had the bright idea of lighting farts with an acetylene torch that Rudolph got what was coming to him.
by Luigi the ORIGINAL January 25, 2006
Joinuary (JOYN-u-air-ee) n. The month when gyms see a huge spike in new memberships.
Bolly Fitness couldn't handle the influx of new people because of a successful Joinuary sales campaign.
by Luigi the ORIGINAL January 19, 2006
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