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Oswego is a small ghetto town of under 20,000. It's right next to lake Ontario and despite Oswego's prosperous history, is now a place where the old mayor offered drugs and alcohol to young girls in return for sexual favors, where the only murder was a white guy killing another white guy, and where there are probably under 50 black people. The locals here often exclaim the word "mingya" which is sometimes pronounced "mankya" when they are upset or angry. Mingya is an Italian word used to refer to the groin. Every 1 in 3 student will drop out of high school. There are slum houses everywhere. If you see shoes on a telephone wire, you know that there's a drug dealer living close by. Oswego is home to 3 nuclear plants. Teachers are said to give kids back their weed, and the school administrators deal Meth. The old police chief is a grand larcenist. Oswego's only pride is SUNY Oswego. There are 3 types of people, natives, nukes, and college people. The nukes work in the nuclear plant and the college people work at the college. Most of the kids here are in the high school band. The high school football team is terrible every year, no matter what. The only almost famous person from here is hockey star, Eric Cole. There are many people who's parents smoked when they were little so they are deformed and somewhat mentally handicapped. Climate is more snow than you can shake a stick at in the winter, and in the summer it's HOT.
Mingya! My friend just lost the marching band competition, better go look for some shoes on a telephone wire so I can buy something to cheer her up. Oswego is pretty dangerous though, better go grab my Bebe gun.
by LuhOswego March 07, 2009

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