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1) A person or thing from the northeast African nation of Egypt. Refers to the ancient people of the lower Nile Valley (Kemet) and their modern-day descendents, the Copts. Also the Nubians of Middle Egypt, the Berbers of Siwa in the western part of the country, or the Arabs who colonized the country shortly after the birth of Islam.

2) Either the ancient language of Egypt and its hieroglyphic script and its deriatives, or its latest form, Coptic, or the Egyptian dialect of Arabic, which has 'g' instead of 'j' and a glottal stop instead of 'q'.

3) A very old but well-preserved person.

4) Someone from a very far away place. See BFE.
1) Tutankhamun and Muhammad Ali were two famous Egyptian leaders.

2) The inscription is in a later form of Egyptian, written in hieratic script, which is simplified hieroglyphs.

3) Dick Clark is such an Egyptian.

4) Dude, we're lost. The people here are such Egyptians.
by LudwigVan October 04, 2004
Russian for vagina, cunt, pussy. Can also mean ass in expressions like dat' pizdy and poluchit' pizdy "to kick (someone's) ass".
Written ïèçäà in Cyrillic (view page in Windows Cyriilic encoding).
by LudwigVan December 21, 2003
1) A foul odor.
2) A style of R&B music whose artists include James Brown, Parliament-Funkadelic (aka P-Funk) and Red Hot Chili Peppers.
3) Depressed mood.
1) Somebody take out the garbage, it's funking the whole apartment up.
2) I love playing funk bass.
3) I need to get drunk to get out of this funk.
by LudwigVan December 19, 2003
An ancient trick where one gets someone to pull his finger so he can fart.
Hey boy, pull grandpa's finger!
by LudwigVan December 20, 2003
Originally, a group of people (especially in the Old West) banded together for purposes of law enforement (and harassing Indians). From <i>posse comitatus</i>, Latin for "power of the county". Posse Comitatus is also the name of various white supremacist organizations that have appeared in the US over the years.
He's got the posse after him because he killed a man.
by LudwigVan December 12, 2003
A weekday drama airing during the daytime, intended for women (particularly "homemakers"/"at-home moms"), known for excessively emotional acting and shallow plots and scripts. Soap operas are so-called because the earliest dramas, which originated in the 1950s and 1960s, were sponsored by soap-making companies such as Proctor & Gamble.
My wife's favorite soap opera is Days Of Our Lives. Or is it All My Children?
by LudwigVan December 12, 2003
A common expression of dismissal. See also piss off, fuck off, eat shit and die.
Go to hell, Limbaugh.
by LudwigVan March 12, 2004

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