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Salisbury Universitynoun-Below average School

Nestled within the ghetto of the eastern shore of Maryland, Salisbury University surely sticks out like a sore thumb. Most of the people there are inbred and the students are no exception. The only thing worse then the surrounding area are the academics at Salisbury University. If their aim is to produce the dullest and the lamest students possible, they are achieving their goal.

When visiting Salisbury, be especially weary of the potential to party with some current students. In fact most of the students attending these extracurricular shindigs are former students who have refused to grow up. What to expect at a Salisbury Party:

1)Girls with herpes.

2)Girls with any other STD imaginable blue waffle

3)be prepared for less than mediocre college kids
4)Natty lights

5)disgusting filthy houses used as drunken orgy containers

6)guys thinking that ocean city has waves sufficient enough to surf on

There are way too many to list. Best advice? Avoid the place entirely. If you must step foot within a 30 mile radius wear a hazmat suit and beware of the cocamonga monster.
Example 1-
dude1:"Look at that fat herpes infected transvestite"
dude2:"shes not so bad, id rather sleep with her then go to Salisbury University"

Example 2-

Girl1:"I met a guy at Salisbury University the other day and i think i like him"
Girl2:"are you crazy? id rather have my nipple bit off by rabies infested bats while eating bloody tampons then even touch a Salisbury guy."
by Lucyricky88 July 26, 2011

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