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A song about Narwhals.
Very, odd.
narwhal song:

narwhals, narwhasl, swimming in the ocean
causing a commotion
coz they are so awesome
narhwals, swimming in the ocean, very big and very white they beat a polar bear in a fight
like an underwater unicorn, they've got kick ass facial horn, they're the jedi of the sea
by Lucylupe910 July 03, 2009
An online game, where you make a 3D you.
It's not very addicting, but when you have nothing else to do, it fills up time.
Most of them are filled with scenester posers and such.
Most meez where awkward clothing you'd never wear in real life.
images.meez.com/user/1/8/7/6/4/0/7 /3/18764073_bodyshot_300x400.gif
by Lucylupe910 July 03, 2009
A red four armed lupe from Neopets. Also a character from the PlayStation2 game Neopets: The Darkest Faerie.

Practically impossible to control, even by the Werelupe King himself, Gnarfas generally has one thing on his mind: destruction. Most of the time he remains chained up deep within the Werelupe Barrows, locked behind a very heavy wooden door, but on rare occasions he's allowed to come out and "play."

While not much can be said about his social graces or skills as an eloquent speaker, Gnarfas does have a unique ability for combining power, agility, and mild insanity into one devastating combination. Though many would label him a mindless monster, others insist that that is an unfair assumption and prefer that he be referred to as "wickedly deranged."
Picture a giant red wolf in a ripped white t-shirt, ripped green shorts, with chains on each of the four arms he has o_O
Then you got Gnarfas.
by Lucylupe910 June 30, 2009
An online MMORPG game created by Jagex. Medieval themed and all.
Despite what everybody else says about runescape, it isn't that addictive.
You will get addicted probably the first few weeks or months,
but after awhile, you'll stop playing and get tired.
You will eventually come back. they always do.

The graphics aren't the best, but it IS fun, and it won't ruin your life. So these morons who say "it ruins your life!!" "dont play it!!!1", ignore them. Seriously.

It's a great online playing game, but don't spend too much of your time on it. You'll be fine. I'm fine, and I've been playing for almost two years. It hasn't ruined my life AT ALL. I even quit for the summer and came back to play it.

So, as long as you aren't some idiot who can't even control their life, runescape or not, I recommend it.
Life on runescape. Sort of o__O

Player1: Selling lobbies, 3k each!
Player1: Selling lobbies, 3k each!
Player1: Selling lobbies, 3k each!
Player1: Selling lobbies, 3k each!
Player2: STFU n00b!
Player1: Selling lobbies, 3k each!
Player1: Selling lobbies, 3k each!
Player2: -.-
Player3: Lol. Wow...
by Lucylupe910 July 02, 2009

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