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The act in which you sit next to someone on the side of their seat, in a flirtatious manner...
Sam was sitting abracent on Joe's chair.
by LucyLube -x- April 24, 2008
1) Pubic hair around the anus.
2) Someone who is a complete ugly idiot.
1) Man! He had a lot of arsegrass!
2) That freak over there is such an arsegrass.
by LucyLube -x- April 24, 2008
Reffering to a friend, usually trying to persuade them to do something.
Let's go, Jackamojo!
by LucyLube -x- April 24, 2008
Something extremely attractive and somewhat sexual.
Worthy of being spunked over.
wow, this movie is spunkaliscious
by LucyLube -x- April 24, 2008
The popular make-up range, usually reffering to the small pots of eyeshadow.
Lucy-"Why have you got glitter all over your face?"
Brogan-"I couldn't get my BarryM off last night!"
by LucyLube -x- April 24, 2008

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