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abv: RUGBY wife and girlfriend

Similar to a WAG but much much cooler, because these girls date rugby players :)
Sarah and Me are both a RWAG :)
and i guess Charlotte Church too (y)
by LucyLu April 06, 2007
Drama is the best subject in college where all the coolest people hang :) and play the most fun silly games and dance the most at parties.
Everyone: hmmm what shall we do?
Emma:i know lets play "yes lets"
Everyone: yes lets!
Emma: lets lie on the floor and spell out the word drama!
Everyone:Yes lets! *everone lies on the floor and starts rolling about screaming.*
Emma:i said, lets spell out the word drama!!!!
Everyone:Oh? *carries on rolling + emma joins in*
by LucyLu December 20, 2006

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