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1. a projectile launched from a fork and/or spoon to create havok in a cafeteria usually landing on a whining ass laydee.
The whiny ass laydee said "It's like a tomaato fell out of the skyyyy.
#tomato #laydeeze #laydee #tomaato #lunch #argot
by Lucy Rodriguez December 11, 2006
1.plural fo' women, hoes, bitches
2.ghetto plural fo' craka hoes
Brian asked "Howz da laydeeze" when he really meant "I've been jockin da bitches and slappin da hoes". Tru dat u sik ass mofo!
#lady #laydeez #laydeeze #brian #hacket wound
by Lucy Rodriguez December 11, 2006
1.pants man or one who smells and loves pants
2.one who dislikes the sound, smell, or sight of paper football or fun
That kid over there, who smelled my pants, is being such a lorigan
#pants man #paper football #anti-fun #satan #pants lovers
by Lucy Rodriguez December 11, 2006
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