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Something that is very very, VERY reminiscent of an acid trip. Usually entails many colors, and very annoying music.
Ryan: Hey Tom, what are you up to?

Tom: I'm playing Katamari Damacy.

Ryan: Wow, this game is very asitripish.

Tom: I know. Its just like The Wizard of Oz or Alice and Wonderland. This game was invented by Japanese people on and acid trip!

Ryan: Well duh...I'm surprised the French didn't have a hand in it.
by Lucus Bladder November 12, 2006
On top of something.
Taylor: Hey Zach, where's the Alphabet of Manliness? I wanted to read the chapter on Zombies again.

Zach: Oh, it's overneath the table.
by Lucus Bladder November 12, 2006
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