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Acronym for "Biggest Douche in The Universe." Made popular in the South Park episode with John Edwards. Shorting to this acronym allows it to be used in public without the douche in questions knowledge.

Pronounced: Bee dit ew
you: Thank you sir for giving me all this extra work, that I hope to learn from. Your a true BDITU.

bditu: "what's a beeddeoo?"

you: an acent word for great leader (or some bs along those lines).
by Luckyduzit December 20, 2006
The ejaculate that stems from a long lay over or abstention of climax, it’s often thicker and much sticker then your normal man goo. The same effect can be reached by eating capacious amounts of raw celery.
"Dude I hadn't been with kelly in a while, and ate a bunch of fresh celery. By the time we got done it was a total flickelskim... I think she's still stuck to the sheets"
by Luckyduzit December 20, 2006
the output that occurs after a bag of celery.
After I ate all that celery, and gave my girl a filickelskim surprise!

I'll filickelskim my way to a one man bukkake.

man i totally filickelskimmed her. she nearly drowned!!!
by Luckyduzit September 28, 2006

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