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It's when you put your balls in a girls mouth, put your asshole over her nose, and then fart.

Jill O'Conner got the iranian gasmask the other night.
by Lucas Wade May 19, 2005
This one's good.
It's when you jizz in a girls mouth.
She spits it into your asshole.
And then you fart it back into her mouth.
Quit fuckin' around before I volcanic snowball your ass.
by Lucas Wade May 24, 2005
1)The orgasmic fluids, expelled through ones
2)The most annoying, grody, dumbass bitch on the face of the Earth. #1 defenition named after her.
Quit being so butt-hurt and clean the frumkin out ya ass
by Lucas Wade May 30, 2005
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