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1 definition by Lucas Criado

Pair of islands in the South Atlantic right next to the Argentinean Coast. A war was fought over them in the 80's, Argentinean soldiers were equipped with WWII arms while British soldiers had the latest military technology of that time (Duh!, who could possibly win? I mean Harriers against Pucaras? C'mon you gotta be kiddin me!). The fact is that the Brits decided to take away something that is not theirs just because they wanted to (like they did with lots and lots of other spots all-around the world). The current name of the islands is "Falkland Islands" since they are under British control, while the real name of them is "Islas Malvinas" since Argentina is the real owner.

Anyways, i dont think none of us is really interested in the Malvinas. There's nothing there, and like the other guy said: it's freaking cold.
by Lucas Criado March 09, 2006
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