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A dominatrix with a background in mathematics, finance or economics. Or, one who says mathematical formulae to her captive partner for the purpose of sexual arousal.
Jude: "I thought my boyfriend Art was normal, but these days he's freaky and wants me to be a calculatrix in bed!
by Luc Samatas September 23, 2009
(1) A hot tub filled with intoxicated teenagers and/or young adults engaging in explicit sexual acts with each other.

(2) A great deal or bonus, one consisting of multiple payoffs. A multi-layered success.

Usually considered vulgar.
(1) Carla: "Yo Gabby, get ova here, they gotta hot tub o' fuckalilla and it's off the hizzook!"

(2) Andi: "Sam, Sam, when dey got da promotion, it was a real hot tub o' fuckalilla for da whole company."
by Luc Samatas April 24, 2009
To change the hue of an object so it appears more violet in hue, using either digital (ie: photoshop) or physical means (ie: painting).
Callo: "It looks almost perfect, although I think you should purplify the shadows a little bit."
by Luc Samatas April 24, 2009
(3) An extremely attractive person, possessing obvious sex appeal and / or highly desirable traits (usually female).

Definitely considered vulgar.
(3) Jaime: "Mang, she was a hot tub o' fuckalilla. I wanted to hit tha' shit, but she was frontin'!"
by Luc Samatas June 10, 2009
A homosexual male who at first appears to be "artsy" or "earthy," but is in fact just stylized to look that way. Also, an excessively health-oriented gay man who prefers to dress like a hippie.
Jerem: "I saw Phil the other day! He had dirty hair and a long beard, he's totally turning into a granola homo.
by Luc Samatas February 14, 2010

(1) When someone drinks heavily during a holiday, particularly when all of their extended family is present.

(2) An exotic mixture of illegal stimulants chosen for energy-fueling and appetite suppression.
(1) George: "Mom's in the other room sleeping even though the party isn't over, she's been on a Lohan Holiday for the entire week of Thanksgiving.

(2) Cindy: "OMG Vicky, you look so skinny, did you totes do a Lohan Holiday or some shit?"
by Luc Samatas September 13, 2009
Parental behavior resulting in the development of narcissistic tendencies in the child. Usually this behavior includes over-adultation, spoiling and improper punishment of the child, amongst others.

May be seen as similar to "schizophrenogenic" parents, except they produce narcissism and not schizophrenia.
John: "My brother can't help being that way, our father was a pretty narcissistogenic dad."
by Luc Samatas August 31, 2009
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