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The act of wrapping sandpaper around the penis (rough side out of course) before engaging in anal intercourse with someone who REALLY needs put in their place. Only to be performed when lube-free anal just isn't quite enough punishment for the dirty receiver.
"That bitch is supposed to be my girlfriend, but I caught her fucking three of my friends!"
"Give her a Sand Blaster...that oughta teach her a lesson"
by LubeCrew236 August 15, 2011
the act of prematurely ejaculating, usually due to extreme lack of sex or the opportunity to fool around with someone way out of one's league... as in only lasting a millisecond. Athough this is usually rather embarrassing for the person who "millied", it should always be brought up by friends in as many conversations as possible as a reminder.
"hey man, how'd your date with that hottie go?" "eh, not good." "did you milli again?" "I CAME EARLY ONE TIME!! LET IT GO ALREADY!!"
by lubecrew236 December 25, 2013

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