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A lame expression used by lame, pretentious pseudo-interlectuals in order to try and make a person feel stupid.

Insulting the recipient's intelligence (implying they're too stupid to realise they've been 'dissed' in some way or another), some crony of theirs has to call out 'Zing!'.

They usually do this because they are incapable of actually being smart, and instead acheive this fake image by making others look stupid.
Pseudo-Interlectual A: <some witty remark, thats not that witty that I can't be stuffed to think of right now>

Pseudo-Interlectual B: "Zing!"

Me - "Really? Are you SURE I was just 'Zung'? I am incapable of detecting these things, don't you know..."
by Lubbix_Mclubbix August 28, 2005

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