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2 definitions by LuEd

A synth-rock band from Las Vegas, that plays awesomee songs; the lead singer is Brandon Flowers and their debut album is Hot Fuss, an incredible album that will become your favorite sooner or later.
Brandon: I told you I can't fit the whole mic in my mouth!!
Brandon: Ummmm guys... I think it's stuck....
Brandon: Hey I need some help here!!
Brandon: ....this microphone tastes funny...
by LuEd July 22, 2005
The rider of the second horse-Red horse.

He is often pictured holding a sword upwards as like ready for battle.
The upward sword held by the Second horseman may represent war and also declaration of war as in heraldry.
None-the word "Lued" is a noun itself
by Lued July 03, 2014