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Sex organs of the octomom.
How did that chick crank out eight more kids?

Fertility drugs and because she has an octopussy.
by Lt. Dingo April 14, 2009
Hypothetical alias of an enlisted person in the US Air Force who can't seem to do anything right. Used frequently in Air Force officer training texts and case studies, Airman Snuffy is analogous to the United States Marine Corps' Gomer Pyle.
Airman Snuffy parked his car on the runway again.
by Lt. Dingo August 03, 2007
South Carolina, USA. Being able to use this term is the best part about going to South Carolina, as everything else about it sucks.
I'm fixin' to go to South Crackalacka, eat me some grits an' collared greens!
by Lt. Dingo June 03, 2009
The drawstrings on elastic waist-banded gym or PT uniform shorts that is prone to hanging down over the crotch.
Don't let yer dingle-dangle dangle in the dirt!
Pick up yer 'dangle and stick it in yer shirt!
by Lt. Dingo March 05, 2010
1. Yes

2. Yea

3. Yeah

4. Affirmative

5. Si

6. Ja

7. Hai

8. Oui
Would you like fries with that?

And do you, Rachel, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?
by Lt. Dingo April 15, 2008
A military deployment or assignment causing a family separation during the holidays.
We're sending Capt Snuffy to Saudi on 10 December so that will be Operation Deny Christmas for him and his family.
by Lt. Dingo December 29, 2008
Nickname for the Los Angeles Dodgers, carried over from when the team was in Brooklyn, hence the "dem."
Did you see the Dodger game last night?

Yeah, Dem Bums are gonna win it all this year!
by Lt. Dingo May 20, 2009

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